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Project and Program Management 

VSM offers streamlined Project and Program Management services based on the needs of the organization. Our Project Management Center of Excellence (PMCOE) offers a suite of tools that our clients can access as needed. We use the priniciples of Project Management Common Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) to tailor management needs to fit where you are. No matter how large or complex, VSM delivers services that get results. 

Business Process Reengineering

For our clients looking to develop new products or services, our team of analysts work for organizations to fully understand their needs for process changes of enhancements. We then create a model of the proposed enhancements for our clients to visualize the requirements necessary to create the offering.

Independent Validation and Verification

VSM IV & V services have been tailored for our public sector clients; however, the needs for an independent view of a project is an asset to any large application development process. Our consultants have many years of experience with organizational policies and methodologies for developing information technology projects and are able to offer objective reports from the project findings.

Strategic Planning

There are needs for both Strategic Marketing and Planning in all organizations regardless of the type of business or maturity stage. These services are the cornerstones of VSM. Our clients include start-ups, small, and mid-sized companies and we have a proven track record for positioning our clients by creating strategies with attainable goals. 

SharePoint/Teams Development & Design

VSM is a Microsoft Partner with access to the latest tools for developing and designing collaboration sites.  Our team develops SharePoint collaboration sites for both online and on-premise use.  We build sites that allow teams to share information that offer features and functionality comparable to intranet sites.  Our development team works with our clients to understand their requirements and makes recommendations for the best practice customization to meet their needs.   

Training and Seminars

VSM, LLC offers Project Management and Business Analyst training through an apprenticeship program. Individuals who are selected to participate in this program are generally new to the consulting world, but are taught the skills necessary to be successful in their careers. We also offer Organizational Development seminars.

Hardware & Technical Support

VSM. LLC has expanded services with a partnership for Hardware Maintenance and Support services.  We offer technical support and retail equipment for printers and computers.  These services include 24/7 technical support.

Governance & Oversight

The nucleus of VSM, LLC is how we guide our clients to make tough decisions.  We provide Governance & Oversight for medium to large organizations to equip them for effectively managing major events such as structural, technology or organizational changes.

Custom App Development

Our apprentice program develops custom apps for use on both iOS and Android devices.  Each year our team of professionals research technology trends and create apps for prototype that are then available for purchase.  Custom apps are also developed for clients.

Quality Management

The Quality Management Center of Excellence (QMCOE) is very similar to our Project Management Center of Excellence in that we offer a suite of tools based on the best practices for Information Technology that our clients can use with the PMCOE or as standalone services that we augment with the existing offering for our clients.


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